As-Salamu’alaikum w.r.t (Peace be upon you) First of all thank you for stopping by on my home page. I hope you will have some great time browsing my home page.

I am Solutions focused Senior Network Security professional with extensive experience in operation, implementation, presales activities, design, deployment, troubleshooting, of multi-site networks, Data Centers, Cloud Solutions and IT Consultation comprised of Routing, Switching, Virtualization, Load balancing and Network Security Solutions. Exceptional in identifying the (internal and external) customer pain areas and providing service improvement plans, Low Level Designs, Network Implementation Plans, RFPs, Network Assessments for Architecture changes.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIN to collaborate.  I do posses a valid Australian PR (189) and do entertain new career opportunities in Australia.

I am a technical blogger at My blog “Network Technologies and Trends” is a blog dedicated to all network professionals, consultants and networking certification aspires. It aims to provide hands-on troubleshooting tips for most of the Cisco networking products, simple tips for the operation of Cisco routers and switches, as well as networking technology updates and reviews and sample configurations and templates for networking devices.

It’s a matter of pride to serve you all, oh a last word before we split, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, know and the doors are open for you. Please feel free to send in your email I would appreciate your valuable suggestions take care.

Recently I was selected as a Cisco Champion for the year 2017