A review for “CCDE The Practical Guide.”  

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When it comes CCDE certification preparation, unlike CCIE exams it’s hard to get instant gratification as CCDE certification happens to be theoretical and one certainly will not be engaged in configuring the real gears.  

 Often those who come from hands-on experience find it hard to measure their progress, and usually, they end up giving up their CCDE aspirations.   

 At one point in my life, I had an aspiration to be a CCDE did start my journey. However, my dopamine levels never raised with the CCDE training stuff available at that particular time. I gave up.   

 After getting know Mohamed Radwan and the frequent discussions, I had with him about the technology made the paradigm shift in my transformation from being an implementation and operations Engineer to Security Architect.  

 Lately, after several technical encounters, I had with Mohamed and especially after attending his last CCDE boot camp as a guest participant to review the security domain, gave me the insights on what made me give up my CCDE aspirations. He was quite competent to bring in the awareness and the mindset one needs to persist in being a CCDE.  

 When Mohamed released his much-awaited title “CCDE The Practical Guide” I realized if this title exists a few years back, my motivation would not have faded away.  I feel the title is the continuation of his CCDE boot camp as its quite analytical and practical and does brushes up one’s mindset from the CCDE exam perspective.   

Not only the title comes with four different scenarios covering critical sectors like finance, service providers, training firms and Telco’s but also it addresses the full range of technologies which are vital to CCDE exam. Mohammad is quite articulative in covering the scenarios in an exciting format as one could feel as if they are real and does force the reader to contemplate and act.   

The juice of this title is the questions and the options provided for each scenario, once one complete responding all items for the four scenarios comes with this title,  they can measure their understanding and what hat they wore while answering those questions. The tips Mohamed has provided for each question gives an idea of what mindset one should have while answering CCDE exam questions.  

To conclude this title will undoubtedly help CCDE aspirers to have a great understanding of the CCDE exam and how they should approach each question and what mindset they should have. 

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