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PAN-OS download  issues “Failed to download due to server error”

While downloading the PAN-OS  version 6.0 or above on a Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall , one might see an error

 “Failed to download due to server error. Please try again later. Failed to download file”.

This error generally occurs not due to download server error or reachability, it’s a normal and expected behaviour. Now one might be wondering why this is a normal behaviour?

The Palo Alto Network maintains a list of latest software version in its memory,  if some one tries to download a PAN-OS and end up in the following error

 “Failed to download due to server error. Please try again later. Failed to download file”.

Then the list is either outdated or empty,  and the above mentioned error is see unless the list is refreshed.

In order resolve this  problem one should have a valid  Support subscription is required to download software.

If entitlement is current, Click ‘Check Now’ in the lower left hand of the WebGUI to view an updated list of PAN-OS software images.

PAN-OS upgarde issue

After clicking “Check Now’

PAN-OS upgarde issue 2

Alternatively, From CLI:

> request system software check

Palo Alto Networks Firewall Interface Types – Virtual Wire

We all know Palo Alto Network Firewalls offers quite flexibility deployment options, one can also deploy Palo Alto Networks in Virtual Wire or V-Wire mode. This is the beauty of Palo Alto Networks Firewalls , the flexibility it offers cannot be matched by some of the leading firewall vendors. Though other vendors offers the same feature  better known as transparent firewalls.

Virtual Wire mode can be deployed by pairing a set of two physical interfaces into a single set and in V-Wire mode one does not needs to assign either an IP Address or a mac address.  Virtual Wire is also referred to as a “Bump in the Wire” of “Transparent In-Line”. By default certain Palo Alto Networks Firewalls comes with preconfigure Virtual Wire mode and Ethernet ports 1 and 2 are part of that default V-Wire.

Palo Alto V-Wire Mode

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