How to reset the Cisco Iron Port Appliance to factory default settings?

Resetting the Cisco Iron Port C370 appliance is an easy task.

In order to reset the Cisco Iron Port C 370 appliance either we need a console or ssh access (telnet access will also do).

Step 1

Log into Cisco Iron Port C370 appliance either console or shh.


Step 2

Suspend the Cisco Iron Port C370 appliance as without suspending the appliance we cannot reset it.

So used the “suspend” command to suspend the appliance


Step 3

Use the command “resetconfig”to reset the Cisco Iron Port C370 appliance

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Multiple Cisco Products are affected by OSPF LSA Manipulation Vulnerability

The recent security advisory suggests that multiple Cisco products are affected by a vulnerability involving the Open Shortest Path Frist (OSPF) Routing Protocol Link State Advertisement (LSA) database. With the help of this vulnerability an unauthenticated attacker can take control of the OSPF Autonomous System (AS) domain routing table, backhole traffic and intercept traffic. Which could cause a huge damage to the attacked network.

The attacker could trigger this vulnerability by injecting crafted OSPF packets. Successful exploitation could cause flushing of the routing table on a targeted router, as well as propagation of the crafted OSPF LSA type 1 update throughout the OSPF AS domain.

To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker must accurately determine certain parameters within the LSA database on the target router. This vulnerability can only be triggered by sending crafted unicast or multicast LSA type 1 packets. No other LSA type packets can trigger this vulnerability. Read More…………………..